Sell or buy an SEO website

Sell or buy an SEO website

What is SEO ?

Over the past 15 years, Internet marketing has exploded exponentially.

Every year, tens of thousands of people join the web.

As these people with a website are added to our search engines, it doesn’t take long to realize that it is very difficult to find your own website when you do a search, all due to the fact that an astronomical amount of content floods the web.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play, it is by far the most popular method to generate traffic.

The problem with SEO is that nearly 95% of search engine traffic comes from Google.

So when Google changes its algorithms around, tens of thousands of sites fall off the map overnight.

Staying in the top 1 of google results, implies a contentious regularity on taking information from these future algorithm updates that make our websites live.

That’s not all, it is also strongly advised to regularly add content to your website, the more photos, words, descriptions, meta-description you have in your website the more you will be referenced.

How do I reference my site myself?

Let’s assume that your site is brand new.

The advantage with a new site is that it is not yet tainted!

So while you may be competing with older sites that have more backlinks, if those backlinks are or have all spammy the same anchor texts- you can beat it in the SERPs. So, when building new sites, here’s what I recommend:

1. Build a site with a branded, easy to remember name. Remember that you want to build a solid business not just a search engine optimized site.

You will more easily generate traffic if your domain is short or detailed.

Example: The site “” could very well sell products to stop smoking.

2. Generate traffic through your backlinks.

The old method of backlinking was to find sites that Google was aware of that people weren’t necessarily looking at very much. Forum profiles, articles, etc.

Write guest blog posts on authority niches and then link to your website.

Put up some good videos and create a YouTube channel, link to your site. Write quality articles and have them syndicated across the web.

Google doesn’t just want to see that you have quality backlinks. They also want to see the traffic coming through those links. This makes your site look popular, they rank it higher in the SERPs.

3. Vary your anchor text. Use keywords that are similar to your main topic.

If you are targeting the keyword “How to get more visits to my website”, you can use keywords like get internet traffic, how to get visits, get traffic fast, gain visitors to your website, etc. By doing this, you will spam the same words less and appear to be a more legitimate site to google.

4. Build links with increasing speeds.

Many SEO pros swear by link speed more than quantity or quality. They say that as long as you follow what looks like a natural pattern, Google will love you for it. So, for example, maybe for the first week, you set up 3-5 links per day. The next week, you set up 5-7. The next week, it may be 7-13 per day. Then you continue to increase, until the point where you are building dozens or even hundreds per day. * * Note that this doesn’t work as well for older sites with tons of backlinks already. Google has already seen your link speeds bounce all over the place, so it will be harder to get this work quite right.

5. Use get-go social networking sites. Facebook, Pinterest, reddit, Twitter- all these things build solid backlinks to your website. You can generate traffic through them and make your site appear as an authority. Also, if you get some loyal fans, it is very easy for them to share your website fan page on Facebook and Twitter!


Websites are very difficult and complicated to design or even understand. Search engine optimization is even more complicated…

Even if the website builder is able to handle the so-called friendly website optimization, there are a lot of extra maneuvers to put in place to ensure that the site is found by search engines.

You can otherwise call in an SEO expert, you will often find this service offered in web marketing agencies, these people have undergone training on search engine optimization and they have been able to keep up with the changes that these search engines have undergone since their inception.

These people are often friendly and cost with the exception of independent contractors, they often guarantee additional visits. Independent contractors guarantee specific keyword densities and provide the content that the website owner wants featured on the site.

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