Start and monetize a blog

More and more people decide to start a blog on a topic they are passionate about or to share their daily life, and then to monetize it if it manages to take off.

However, it is important to be wary of what is said on the web, and in particular of the possibilities to easily earn a living by creating a blog.

Finding a topic for your blog

The first step, before launching a blog, is to find the topic on which it will be focused.

The more the blog is about a competitive topic, the more difficult it will be to impose itself on the net. Moreover, you should avoid setting up a generalist blog, because it will then be almost impossible to make a place for yourself.

Generally, one of the two following situations is encountered:

One launches a blog on a theme that one masters, most of the time thanks to one’s professional experience;
Or we decide to launch a blog on a subject that we are passionate about (subject that can of course be related to the professional activity that we have or that we have had in the past).
In our case, with the corner of the entrepreneurs, it is about these two reasons: We exert (me and the other members of the site) in the field of the chartered accountancy, thus work in particular on creations and resumptions of company, and we are impassioned of the creation and management of company in general.

How to create a blog?

To create a blog, there are several solutions, including the following:

Create your blog yourself, which requires a good knowledge of the subject;
Have your blog done by a professional, which costs money;
Or opt for a free blog creation platform, like WordPress (which we use for the entrepreneurs’ corner), Overblog, Blogger…
I won’t give my criticisms on each of the existing platforms, first of all because I haven’t used them all, and secondly, depending on the desired use and the preferences we have, our judgment will be different.

On the other hand, I can only advise you to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each blog-oriented CMS before choosing one.

We personally chose WordPress, for the richness of its plugins, its assets in SEO and the possibilities to easily access and modify the coding.

Call a WordPress specialist and get helps from a professional for creating your affiliate blog right now .

Animate your blog and attract traffic

To run a blog is first of all to exchange on subjects related to its theme: to publish technical articles, press releases, to invite its readers to discuss around a question or a problem…

The entrepreneurs’ corner includes many articles on specific topics, related to entrepreneurship: The balance sheet forecast, the legal form of the company, the advantages and disadvantages of the SAS…

The content of a website is the most important element to attract traffic to your blog. This is the major strategy we have adopted with the entrepreneurs’ corner and we are not disappointed.

We currently have more than 190 articles referenced on the blog of the corner of the contractors and reach now 1300 visitors per day, 10 months after its setting on line.

Once the site has some content, it is possible to expand the communication media: Broadcasting videos, small practical guides … and expand the services of the blog: Integrate a forum or set up a newsletter.

Finally, you should also think about making yourself known and building a reputation on the web:

Do not hesitate to contact blogs dealing with similar themes,
Participate in discussion forums related to the theme of the blog,
Be active on the main social networks: Twitter, Facebook, viadeo, linkedin…
With le coin des entrepreneurs, we have our own forum and we are present on facebook, twitter and linkedin.

How to monetize your blog

There are many ways to monetize a blog and it is not easy to find your way around.

First of all, it is completely useless to monetize your blog if it does not generate enough traffic. This importance will depend on the subject treated: For example, there are many more Internet users surfing on subjects related to soccer than on subjects related to biotechnologies.

Moreover, advertising on a blog should not tarnish its image and drive away some of its traffic. Doesn’t it annoy you to go to a site where a second window always opens? Or with many pop-ups?

So you have to find the right balance between having enough monetization solutions and limiting the impact they can have on the blog readers.

The most common solutions for blog monetization are the following:

Contextual ads, with Google Adsence at the top of the list;
Affiliation, which consists in connecting readers with products or services offered by companies. A commission is earned on each sale. For example, 1tpe or clickbank offers affiliation for digital products;
Direct partnerships with advertisers. This type of advertising is rather oriented for big blogs.
The promotion of your products or services via your blog, which is in my opinion, but without having tested it personally yet, the solution with the greatest potential for income. However, we should publish our book on the entrepreneur’s corner very soon.
Generally, the monetization of a blog will start with the use of google adsence, and will then expand and move on to other solutions that may be more lucrative.

The performance indicator most used to measure the monetization of a blog is the gain per 1000 page views.

It allows you to compare the profitability of your blog with others, but it should be done with care and preferably with more or less similar blogs because this profitability is related to the theme of the blog and the means of monetization used.

If you need some help for creat , promote or if you need more information you can ask all what you need with a web marketer agency like

I will try to publish some articles to deepen the main topics of this article, and until then, I wish you good luck in the blogging adventure!

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